Bishop’s Waltham Rotary News: Thanks for life


We are nearly there. Polio has almost been eradicated in the world. 2016 Saw only 37 new cases being reported, and, at the end of november 2017, only 17 cases, with no new cases reported in india for four years. Rotary international has been the main force behind this achievement since 1985, when the rate of annual new cases ran at about one thousand a day!

Many of you will know Nigel Barnfield as St Peter’s church treasurer. Nigel was also a founder member of the local BW rotary club in 1989, having moved to BW in 1988 as Lloyds bank manager in the town, and then moved onto Eastleigh. Within rotary, Nigel very quickly got involved with the rotary international polio project. He became the rotary district governor in 2009, and oversaw the raising of $220,000 in support of the ‘thanks for life’ polio campaign. The following year, 2010, the world wide ‘end polio now’ campaign was launched.

In addition to the saving of many lives, it is estimated that the complete eradication of polio in the world is worth over $50 billion to the world economy. Not many people realize that rotary international has worked with the Taliban in places like Afghanistan and Pakistan; the final two countries where cases are still being reported. The Taliban has agreed ‘non-combat periods’, when vaccine can be administered. There is a potential for visitors and migrants to the UK could be carriers of the polio virus until the disease has been completely eradicated.

Working for peace. The disease can live in sewers for over three years, so places like Syria, where there is long term destructive conflict, are affected. Arising from this, otary is working for peace in the world, and has been funding a peace scholarship programme for over ten years, for ten scholars at each of five universities in the world. For example, Bradford University runs a peace studies programme, and rotary organises a conflict resolution programme for young people called Peace Jam at Winchester University on 3rd and 4th March 2018.

When BW Rotary collects locally, much of the proceeds are channelled back in to local charities and good causes. But some of it is transferred into the rotary international pot funding the fight against polio, providing peace scholarships and funding many other projects suggested by rotarians throughout the world. Rotary does a huge amount of good in the world. If you would like to know more, please get in touch by emailing

Snookered. Imagine the scene – four determined players weighing each other up. No track record known, so all to play for. Tim Millier hadn’t played for 17 years, but found his old form. The opposition were regulars and fancied their chances. The first frame was won by chandlers ford with a fluke treble bounce on the black. It was now our’s to lose as we were on the ropes. Frame 2 and it was all down to the last colours and tim spotted the black with a cracking shot. So the match was even. Final frame. Malcolm wearn smacked the balls with the opening break of the reds and they said. The frame was scrappy and bogged down with us trailing all the way through. We wore them down chipping our way back to get on terms and then it was down to a ‘black ball game”. After a few poor shots from both sides the opportunity opened up and we were able to sink the black. Astonishment all round! They couldn’t believe it and neither could we. So we graduated from being cannon-fodder to mediocrity and we live to fight another day.

Yet another new rotarian. BW rotary continues to expand its membership. Di Hemingway-Rice was inducted into the club by Debbie Walker, on 30th November.

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