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Happy New Year from the Pigs who are recovering from a particularly busy end to 2017. Wasn’t it marvellous to see the main Christmas Tree on Broad Street and of course all the smaller trees on houses and businesses in the centre of town?

A few people asked about how the trees come about so here goes. The main tree is organised by the Alresford Christmas Tree Committee in Association with the Alresford Pigs. For the last few years Alresford Salads have sponsored the tree and we’re very grateful for their generosity. The tree itself is sourced locally and stored briefly by M. D. Payne & Son who then provide personnel and equipment to lower the tree into the purpose-built manhole on Broad Street.

The smaller trees that adorn the businesses and houses in the centre of town is a joint venture between the Alresford Chamber of Commerce and the Pigs who all pitch in to test the lights and strings, put the lights on the trees and then put them up. We then replace faulty bulbs periodically throughout December before taking the trees down in early January. Again M D Payne & Son provide personnel and equipment to shred the trees down.

All in all a huge effort but very worthwhile to help make the town look so festive over the Christmas period. We thank everyone involved for their considerable time to make all of the above happen.

So we march in 2018 with more fund-raising and distribution of monies to those in need in our community. This year you’ll see the Pigs out and about more as well as at the Watercress Festival helping with the traffic management and of course the Alresford Show. To keep up to date with everything that we’re doing, there’s a brand new website at You can have a look at some of the work we’ve done in the past and see if you think you can get involved.

The Alresford Pigs Association is a registered charity (charity no. 1163001). More information can be found at:

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Write to us: PO Box 121, Alresford, SO24 9XX
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