Alresford Pigs


September saw the return of the Alresford Agricultural Show attracting thousands of visitors from all over the county and as always the Pigs were on duty. The Alresford Pigs Association assists the Alresford Show by co-ordinating over 200 volunteers for the setting up and running all the car parks, the ticket stations and by acting as Safety Stewards on the day. The team is run by Chris Lillywhite who is also one of the Directors/Trustees of the Show. The large number of volunteers are needed to help park cars, sell tickets and help visitors on the day of the show to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time.

As well as The Alresford Pigs Association, volunteers come from many other local organisations and a wide variety of people from these groups give up their time to help on the day.

We now move on to planning for the Festive season which for us includes the arrangements for the Arrival Of Father Christmas on December 13th, the erection of over 180 Christmas Trees on the houses and businesses in the centre of the town as well as the main Christmas Tree at the top of Broad Street.

It’s a huge job for an organisation comprising only 30 members but helping give Alresford its famous festive makeover is something the Pigs enjoy immensely. Electrical testing nearly 200 lighting strings, sorting over 4,000 traditional coloured bulbs, carefully stringing each tree and then finally on a manic Saturday morning, attaching them to each property is exhausting work but the end result it something residents and visitors love dearly. Well worth the effort!

The Alresford Pigs Association is a small charity comprised of people who either live or work in Alresford and come together to raise money to given financial help to those in need in Alresford and the surrounding villages.

We have given money for:
• Organisations such as the scouts, guides, sports and youth groups
• Local schools for specific projects
• School children unable to pay for school trips
• Single families needing white goods
• Families who need support that cannot be provided by
other services
• Mobility scooters
• Park benches
• Senior residents events and activities

Do you know someone who needs our help?
• Call us on 01962-658961
• Email us at
• Message us on Facebook

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