Broadlands – Can You Help Save This Exceptional Charity


Broadlands Group Riding for the Disabled Association is a charity that has been providing invaluable therapeutic riding lessons for disabled children and adults in Medstead for the last 63 years. The charity has helped over 4,000 adults and children coping with a wide range of disabilities to participate in riding, developing friendships, expanding their learning skills and growing in confidence as individuals. We now need your help to continue with life-changing work. The facilities are in need of an urgent upgrade including the removal of the asbestos roofing which has been formally condemned. If sufficient funds are not raised in time, this remarkable place, which brings physical and mental wellbeing to so many will be unable to continue its vital work. We know the effects horse riding can have both mentally/emotionally and physically on those with a disability. One parent said, “Broadlands has given her so much in a world where she is deemed different, looked at with pity. I couldn’t imagine not being able to bring her here to ride.” Jamie one of the riders said “When you’re on top of a horse, you get this special feeing… You’re just there with your horse and nothing else in the world matters”. We at Broadlands want to not only safeguard this special place for our existing riders but expand so other children and adults can be part of this amazing place.

Our First phase plans include building a Hay Barn and Viewing Gallery to improve the viewing facilities for parents. To install cost efficient LED lighting and white fencing to enable us to run after-school classes through the autumn and winter months for more state-school children who are currently unable to ride during school time. Total cost £96,000 of which we have raised £52,000 to date.

Phase Two involves building a Learning Centre, Office, Facilities and Parking. As the group grows offering more rides and other types of Equine Therapy we will need to manage more enquiries, volunteers, instructors and riders. Total cost £255,000. This seems an enormous sum of money, even to those of us involved in the project. But if you could just see the joy and freedom it brings to all those involved, I guarantee you would work tirelessly to protect and improve it too.

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