New Alresford Town Trust annual report


1. The Trust ended 2017 in a strong position with 7 Trustees and can look forward to an exciting 2018. The activities of the
Trust are divided amongst these Trustees. The Trust relies on
volunteers and has no paid staff. At 31st December 2017 the Trust had 119 members.

2. Old Fire Station (OFS)/ Museum
The Trust re-negotiated its Lease with Artworthy Framing
whereby the Trust now occupies the room behind the Red
Doors, whilst Artworthy Framing continues to trade within
the remainder of the building. A good solution.

The Trust is refurbishing its room as a Museum, which will
house the original Horse Driven Fire Engine together with
the Fire Station artefacts and accessories. The refurbishment
including a glass “see through panel” will be installed by end
of January. Trustee Andrew Smith has organized and
supervised this contract.

Trustee Roy Gentry (i/c of Museum) will celebrate both the
re-housing of the Fire Engine and the opening of the
Museum. Details of these events will be announced in the
New Year.

3. Eel House (EH)
The EH attracted a record 1192 visitors during 2017 making
an overall running total of 7429 since it was re-opened
in 2009. The Open Days were efficiently organized by
Paddy Walshe Trustee Dorothy Hamilton will take over this
responsibility in 2018, the dates of which are 1st April; 20th
May; 15th July; 27th August and 16th September.

In the meantime discussions with both the Hampshire & Isle
of Wight Wildlife Trust have started in relation to
strengthening the EH structure – and also with the Heritage
Lottery re openings in the Autumn.

A board listing some 92 Donors was unveiled by Cllr Jackie
Porter in November 2017, and David Woods who chairs the
EH Committee was presented with an engraved Tankard.

4. The Avenue
Trustee Keith Divall working with C&D Trees and WCC
Arboriculturist have completed the First Phase of essential
tree work by 31st December 2017 costing some £8K. This
involved the cutting down for arboricultural reasons of 2
Poplar Trees on the South side and 1 Lime Tree near Arlebury
Park. Further work will continue in 2018.

The Friends of the Avenue contributed £632, whilst a
NATC Grant was received of £1250 together with £1250
from Sponsorship. The Trust is very grateful for all these contributions.

5. October Fair
Trustee John Cattle organised the October Fair with John
Searle, a member of the Walls family who have run this special
event since the early 1900’s. It was a great success and many
people enjoyed themselves in attending this ancient tradition.

6. Minibus
Trustee Pam Stevens purchased a new Automatic Minibus
seating 14 persons in April 2017 as well as having a complete
refurbishment of the old Minibus, which has done 104,000
miles. Steve Brine MP unveiled the new Minibus on 29th
April 2017, which was followed by refreshments at The Swan
Hotel for all attendees.

Pam intends to run both Minibuses in 2018, and already has
6 bookings, including 2 weddings and other special events.
The new Minibus continues to run weekly shopping excursions.

On Friday 8th December Pam arranged a special Christmas
shopping trip to Hedge End M&S and Sainsbury’s, followed
by tea and cake at Haskins Garden Centre in West End. Two
Minibuses were run for this event and everyone had an
enjoyable time.

Grants and donations amounted to nearly £5,000, and
this has been of great help with funding some of the increased
running costs.

7. Market
Trustee Pam Stevens organised a French Market, which was
so successful that it has been re-booked for 31st March 2018.
Please put the date in your diary and come along and sample
some delicious French Food.

The Thursday Market continues to prove popular with an
average of 12 regular stall holders each week, plus in the last
3 months of 2017 we had some new stall holders, including a
person selling local logs (plus Christmas Trees) a representative
of Usborne Books and an organic stall.

8. Please support the Trust by becoming a member for a one-off
payment of £5.00, or become a Friend of the Avenue for
£25.00 per annum. You can also support the Trust by
attending the Thursday Market for your flowers, veg and fruit,
bread and olives, purchase any cards you may require, and then
end up having a coffee at the Refreshment Bar.

If you require any further information on the Trust activities, please contact Pam Stevens on 01962 734861, or email

Robin Atkins (Chair)

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