Why Zumba?


If you are wondering what Zumba has to offer, read on!
1. Start with most important element – the music. The best! Zumba covers every type of music from around the world, with Latin American producing the most uplifting sounds around.
2. The company. Both my Bishops Sutton (Wednesdays
7.45pm at Village Hall) and Itchen Abbas (Mondays 6.30pm at
Millennium Hall) classes are friendly and welcoming to
newcomers. Young and ‘old’ alike can participate (I include
myself in the latter category – I am probably the ‘oldest’
instructor in Hampshire though I still feel 21!)
3. It’s fun! Dance is not about ‘pumping iron’ – it is, in my opinion, the best form of exercise as you are moving every part of your body, all the time. We run through between 10 – 15 routines a class, pretty much non-stop (I keep chat to before and after class!) and I can vouch for the physical benefits of Zumba –
having stayed at size 8/10 since I started 10 years ago!
4. It’s perfect for mental and physical health – both equally
important in today’s world. When you ‘go into the zone’ there’s
no better place to be.
5. You can genuinely ‘dance like there’s nobody watching’ – there
isn’t! No competitive atmosphere. No divas … with possible
exception of brightly coloured one at the front!

So, if you dance in the kitchen, come to my classes! Any questions – contact me on sue@plays-r-ussell.com or go to my website www.zumba-around-winchester.com
See you in class!

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