Botley C.E Primary School


We are very proud of our school and aim to ensure that it is a caring learning community where everyone is valued and nurtured. We work hard to ensure that relationships within school are characterised by mutual respect, care and consideration built upon a foundation of high behaviour expectations.

We believe that education enables children to build an increasingly complex understanding of their world. It is both a preparation for life and a collection of valuable experiences to be enjoyed for their own sake.

Our vision for Botley Primary School is to give equal value to developing every child’s academic, social, physical and spiritual understanding. We work together as a school community to ensure success for all our children and that they are fully equipped with the skills they will need to function effectively in the fast changing society in which they will find themselves, enabling them to live a fulfilled and enjoyable adult life. To achieve this we provide a thematic, integrated curriculum which develops essential literacy and numeracy skills and provides the children with opportunities to learn and develop their understanding in enjoyed and meaningful contexts.  In this way we ensure that we offer our children rich, purposeful and relevant learning experiences.

We work hard to develop a strong partnership with our parents and value their involvement and support in their child’s education. Parents are always very welcome in school to help, review their child’s progress or to discuss any matters of concern.

Botley Church of England Primary School
52 High Street, Botley, SO30 2EA
Telephone: 01489 782308
Fax: 01489 786994
[email protected]