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Lance Wicks Bsc.(Hons).

Lance is  a European Judo Union level 5 coach and commisioner on the European Judo Union “Universities and Institutions” commission. He is also a director in the leading provider of coach education in Judo. he owns a variety of Judo related internet properties including, and

Currently he is researching ranking systems for elite level Judo for the 2011 International Association of Judo Researchers (IAJR) symposium. In 2009, he presented research to the IAJR on the attack rates of Olympic level Judo which can be found at

He currently coaches children at the Alresford Judo Club in Hampshire, England on Monday evenings. Wednesday nights he coaches adults at the Royal Navy HMS Collingwood Judo Club.

If you have any questions and anytime, just email [email protected]

Lance Wicks – Telephone: 07787 565233
Email: [email protected]