Fear of the Unknown


The only thing we have to fear is fear itself’, so the Roosevelt quote goes. Currently the fear of the unknown seems all pervasive, creeping into many areas of our lives expressing itself as a feeling of isolation, xenophobia, heartbreak, panic, but also conversely supremacy which, as it is born out of fear, may prove to be what it normally is – dangerous.

Some are left in a quandary fearing to let go of the thing they think they know, like having a life raft that is slowly sinking fearful to reach out for a passing buoy.

Then some, having jettisoned the thing they had, are wavering regarding an unknown future about which no one has yet given them any reason not to be fearful of.

Yet naturally there will be those who believe without any fear or hesitation that they are absolutely right in their decision making, either secure where they were or happy to embrace the unknown.
But once a decision is reached, for many the fear of the unknown remains – what now?

Fear is a useful tool, along with fundamentalism and rampant patriotism fear has been propagated by the hierarchy for centuries coercing the populous to its’ will. Politics, the economy, security, ecology and infiltration of our country by everything from aliens to killer bees, it is the media who control our fears today.

Fear of fear is working well causing discord and fracture all around, surely that’s not the way we should move forward, in a climate of fear?

If democracy has truly spoken then rather than fear the unknown isn’t it time to face our fears and press on? For often a fear faced and overcome is life changing.

What do you think?