Introducing Test Valley 2020 – Borough of Culture


Test Valley Arts Foundation (TVAF) are pleased to announce plans for an exciting new borough-wide arts and culture project for 2020.

The independent charity, which has invested over £1million in the arts in Test Valley since 1991, aims for Test Valley 2020 to celebrate and promote the borough’s rich and diverse arts scene whilst also seeking out opportunities to ‘fill the gaps’ and create new events in areas which are less active. From workshops to music festivals, arts trails to plays, there will be wide range of events to choose from.

Yinnon Ezra, MBE, TVAF’s chairman said “We firmly believe that the arts and culture is for everyone and want to make it fully accessible. Opportunities will be created for artists to engage with their communities, bringing creativity, innovation, joy, emotion and expression everywhere!”

Test Valley Arts Foundation are asking for anyone with plans or ideas for arts related projects in the Test Valley during 2020 to get in touch now so that they can support them in any area needed, including fundraising, promotion and facilitation. They are also seeking suggestions for areas in which they could create new arts opportunities.

To tell them about your project or ideas contact [email protected] or use the online contact form at