Jackie’s County Corner for July


The County Council did not have any elections this year, but Cllr Roy Perry stood down to return to be replaced by Cllr Keith Mans as the new Leader. His background is varied, and it was pleasing to hear him embrace the Climate Change concerns that were put forward by my party.

You can see it on hants.gov.uk TV: all County Council meetings are recorded.

The three main decisions made at May’s Council meeting were:
• To support the WASPI challenge to
Government: women born in the 50’s have
had a poorly managed pension deal as the
pensionable age was extended to 62, then
66, without enough warning. : the WASPI
movement is demanding compensation.
• To support in principle, the declaration of a
Climate Change emergency, with more details
to be discussed at the next Cabinet
• To support the provision of opportunity
for children and young people to speak at the
County Council (currently only adults can
do so).

I have been campaigning for some time for roads to be adopted because of the cost to residents-sometimes equivalent to a second Council Tax bill. In future, for all developments of more than just a few homes, applicants will be advised to cover a bond against failure to develop an adoptable scheme. This is something I welcome and hope that you will see the benefit for your communities too.

The proposal for HCC to take on road parking continues, with a view to a countywide warden scheme. Permits may cost more, so I am sure we all want to see value for money with better enforcement, potential for recharging car and bike batteries, and generally higher standards of maintenance. I’d welcome your views about siting of electrical charging points and what an efficient and effective parking scheme looks like for you.

HCC has made a decision to start charging for licences to dump rubbish at the HWRC. This makes it even more difficult for residents to dispose of small fly-tipped waste mounds found on their land. I have asked the officers to see what could be done to help you, and I hope to report back on the outcome of this next month.

Roadsides are being mown for first metre to enable drivers to see better. If there’s anything missed, please let me know.

Finally- I have been appointed Cabinet Member for the Built Environment and Wellbeing at WCC, which includes the new Local Plan to 2036 and other planning matters. I respect the fact that you have elected City Councillors who also write reports for this magazine, so I’ll continue to write this as a County Corner, but if you’d like to comment on issues relating to my Cabinet brief, I am happy to hear from you.

Cllr Jackie Porter – tel/text: 07973 696 085
email: [email protected]