Jane’s Kitchen – Lettuce & Tarragon Soup


This is a delicious if delicate soup and ideal for using up any of your home grown lettuce that may have ‘shot’. Like all good soups it needs a good flavoured stock. Home made from a roast chicken carcass with vegetables added is always good and if strained well makes a clear stock. However a cube will do too. To make a richer soup the addition of single cream is optional. I serve it with oatmeal scones or wholemeal bread so not to spoil the subtle flavour.

• 1 Small onion or shallot finely chopped
• 1oz of butter or margarine.
• A head of lettuce (dark green variety such as butter
head or little gem) washed and Sliced.
• 1 ½ – 2pts chicken or vegetable stock
• 2 – 3 sprigs of fresh tarragon

To finish – a small amount of single cream and some diced cucumber

Sweat the onion or shallot in the butter until just transparent. Add the lettuce and stir over a low heat until just wilted. Add the chicken or vegetable stock plus the tarragon, if using dried tarragon be sparing as it will give a stronger flavour. Season to taste and simmerfor 15 to 20 minutes. Puree the soup and add the cream, if using, and adjust seasoning. Finish with the cucumber, diced or cut into ‘matchsticks’.

From ‘Jane’s Kitchen’ – An enjoyable read and delightful reflection of village life. Containing a collection of seasonal recipes for every occasion and budget. Illustrated with colour photography and
watercolours throughout.

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