Jane’s Kitchen – Mixed Fruit Marmalade


I came across this recipe using windfall apples, but at this time of year I am sure you will have some left over fruit from the festive fruit bowl. However it can be made almost at any time of the year and takes a lot less time to prepare than the traditional Seville Orange variety.

• 2 Grapefruit or (1 Orange and 1 grapefruit)
• 4 Lemons
• 2lb (900g) apples (I have used a mixture
of cooking and eating), peeled and cored.
• 5pts Water
• 5lb Sugar
• Fresh parsley if available or a teaspoon
of dried tyme
• Salt and pepper (to taste)

Wash the citrus fruit and peel off the coloured part of the skin (a potato peeler is good for this). Then shred finely.

Peel away the pith and chop the flesh roughly. Chop the apples and place with the water, peel and flesh in
a large heavy pan. Tie the citrus pith, pips apple peel and cores in a piece of muslin and tie this to the pan. Simmer gently until the citrus peel is tender and the quantity reduced by half. Remove muslin bag, squeezing well. Add the sugar stir until dissolved then boil rapidly stirring occasionally until setting point is reached. Allow to stand to cool slightly before putting into clean warm jars with a well fitting lid.

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