Look, I said sorry!


What more do you want? How many times has an apology been received in that way and how do you feel when your child for example says, ’oh sorrrrry’ without any conviction.

Not only is it insincere but it is also disrespectful. You would more than likely chastise your offspring or feel differently toward a friend.

In the workplace an employee, or employer for that matter, displaying that same lack of genuine apology and disrespect too many times would no doubt be cautioned by HR or voted out.

Lets face it we’ve all made mistakes, we are only human after all, generally we feel awful and eager to make amends with a heart felt apology, flowers, chocolates or a pint – whatever appeases your particular conscience.

Yet recently ‘apologies’ from those in authority, whether in Government or business, exposed by the media are no more than tokens, a ‘get out of jail free’ card. They say the most outrageous things that would be considered slanderous in the real world whilst their incompetence and ability to whitewash seem boundless. Having been exposed, they often have the audacity to employ some unfortunate representative to ‘apologise’ on their behalf.

How often do we listen to an irksome statement read on behalf of-‘X’ who is ‘extremely sorry for any offence caused and has learnt some valuable lessons’ as it frequently goes.

Well ‘X’ should have the courage to apologise publically, but no, they are too busy negotiating a pay off. Some even manage to keep their positions, or are moved to a new job for which they have suddenly become uniquely qualified to do despite their wrongdoing. Meanwhile another plays sacrificial lamb, resigning for the sake of public appeasement, apologising profusely and taking the blame by covering for another.

The public, far from being fooled are left incredulous.Turns out a true sorry, like the songs says, is the hardest word.

What do you think? – GG