Ropley Primary School


Located in the heart of Ropley village, in the county of Hampshire, resides our small (but distinctive) C of E primary school. Originally situated in the belfry of Bishops Sutton church William Faichen – former wheel-wright and first headmaster of Ropley School – started a bible class, due to the fact that the children from Ropley and nearlyby Bishops Sutton were running wild.  The first school was established in 1826 and was positioned on Petersfield road, an equal distance from Ropley and Bishops Sutton.  However some years later the school tragically burnt down and moved to its current site in 1869.

Since Ropley first started the school has grown and flourished. Our three key values “ABC”: Appreciation, Belonging and Compassion stand out in every Ropley learner as they strive for excellence in everything they do.  During whole school assemblies nobody is left out, for example participation in role plays, reading from the bible, acting out a story and more!

Ropley pupils play a big part in their learning, with the older children helping the smaller ones progress through the learning stages of which they have already had the experience.  Students are taught by their class teachers and a wide range of visitors and guests which provide the children with a good contrast of different and interesting lessons and activities.

Pupils have a Worship assembly every Friday, where children put their trust in God and Jesus.  Knowing a lot about our school history and religious roots makes us unique in our own right.  Students are encouraged by teachers to try their hand at new things and to always challenge themselves to the limit.

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Ropley C of E Primary School
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