Southampton General Hospital


Southampton General Hospital has a great number of specialist services based here, ranging from neurosciences and oncology to pathology and cardiology.

Emergency and critical care is provided in the hospital’s special intensive care units, operating theatres, acute medicine unit and emergency department (A&E), as well as the dedicated eye casualty.

Southampton General also hosts outpatient clinics, diagnostic and treatment work, surgery, research, education and training, as well as providing day beds and longer stay wards for hundreds of patients.

The Princess Anne Hospital is a short walk across the road from Southampton General Hospital.

Our direct-dial numbers have changed

The middle section of all our direct-dial phone numbers has changed from 8079 to 8120.

For example, 023 8079 xxxx is now 023 8120 xxxx.

The switchboard number (023 8077 7222) remains the same.

More information


Southampton General Hospital
Tremona Road
SO16 6YD

Specific directions around the hospital are usually supplied with your appointment letter or you can enquire at reception on your arrival.

You can also view our site maps of Southampton General Hospital.


023 8077 7222

Transport and parking

Car parking space at Southampton General Hospital is limited at peak times so please allow extra time before your appointment. We recommend that you consider coming by public transport or taxi if you can.