Space Lecture – solving the near-Earth asteroid problem – 9th January


Applying Missile Defence Technology to Solve the Near Earth Asteroid Problem – Alexander Godfrey (Lockheed Martin).

The Chelyabinsk meteor in 2013 caused approximately £10 million worth of damage and led to 1500 people seeking medical attention. The object remained undetected prior to its atmospheric entry and a larger meteor would be catastrophic if it happened over a city.

Before panic sets in; some comfort can be taken that systems already exist, or are being developed, that could deal with this threat. With the technology potentially at our fingertips, this presentation primarily explores whether or not there is a strong enough business case for the inhabitants of Earth to pay for such a system.

Mr Godfrey is a Senior Systems Engineer working at Lockheed Martin UK – Ampthill, technically leading the pursuit and execution of new business civil space programmes. Most notably he has worked on ESA Space Rider, ESA Mars Sample Return Orbiter, Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators as well as several classified exoatmospheric programmes.

The lecture will be held twice, first at 4.30pm and then at 6.30pm, respectively at Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. Tickets are £8 for the 4.30pm lecture, and £10 for the 6.30pm lecture.

For more information and booking please visit:
Winchester Science Centre,
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