Stir it up!


Family traditions are fast becoming a thing of the past as the Pinterest generation start to create their own (Christmas Eve boxes, gender reveal parties) but can we reignite a tradition that can be generational and bring people together.

Stir it up Sunday is the perfect way to kick start the festive season and bring back a beloved tradition that can be carried on. It falls on the last Sunday before Advent so this year it will be 24th November. Used to mark the day you make the Christmas pudding or in our house the Christmas cake. All of the family can get involved even if its just a lucky stir from each person. Try to include everyone, even the family that can’t get to you, go and visit them, take the pudding and let them be involved. If Christmas pudding is not your thing maybe stir it up Sunday could be the day you start a new family tradition.

Lapis Christmas pudding

• 6 ounces each of raisins
• Sultanas and currants
• 2 oz of mixed peel
• 2 oz of glace cherries
• 6 oz plain flour
• 3 oz breadcrumbs
• 6 oz suet (vegetable suet is fine)
• 4 oz brown sugar,
• 3 eggs
• 1/2 a glass of brandy
• A pinch each of nutmeg, mixed spice,
cinnamon and salt
• A teaspoon of coffee
• Rind and juice of a lemon and an orange
• Half a grated carrot
• Milk to mix

Mix the dry ingredients in a large bowl, beat the eggs & add them and the brandy & juice and add enough milk to give a stiff dropping consistency. Grease a 6-inch pudding basin, fill it with the mixture, cover the top of the basin with greaseproof paper (greased on the underside) with a layer of cooking foil over it, tied on with string. Steam in a steamer over a pan of boiling water for 7 hours and keep checking the pan to make sure it doesn’t boil dry. Store it somewhere cool & dry until you want to eat it: when serving you can either heat each portion up in the microwave like we do or steam it again for about 2 hours.