The Tale of the Tiny Dancer


Ithink it’s fair to say that it’s not everyday you find yourself holding a large torch for a policeman as he straddles a ditch. Well it hasn’t happened to me before, but there’s always a first time. A friend had texted me to say there had been a spate of burglaries locally.

A few days later The Husband and I were walking the Pagan Pup when I cast my eye, as you do, into the ditch by the roadside. There in the mud was a smashed jewellery box complete with a once twirling ballerina; the tiny dancer’s tutu now caked in mud. Scattered around was a selection of chains, broaches and bracelets that The Husband gathered up and placed in a handy bag that you tend to have about your when walking the dog. I thought to myself , now what?

Once home I went straight to the ‘found property’ section of the Hampshire Police website. I filled in the online form and description of items as best I could and pressed ‘send’.
“We’ll hear no more about that I’ll wager”.

But that was not to be the case, because only two hours later the Husband says,
“Sandra there’s a Policeman at the door!”
PC Eversoyoung came in donned rubber gloves while I made him a cuppa and proceeded to unravel the mud-covered items onto my table. They made a sad little collection laid out in rows, monetary value were of no importance, we were looking at items that had been kept and cossetted for many years for personal reasons. I tried to imagine the history behind them, what a tragic way for them to end up.
“ What will you do with all this?”
“ Take it all to the station for photographing and then show to it all those affected and hopefully reunite this property with it’s owner – what do you think this is?”
PC Eversoyoung’s blue latex glove held out the ballerina. I explained that in years gone by some jewellery boxes were musical, lift the lid and the ballerina would turn around to the music.
“ The rest of the box is in the ditch”.
“Can you show me where madam”.
After a short journey in the front of a police car ( I did wonder if I should be party to all that was going on over the radio) – I found myself holding a torch while PC Eversoyoung summoned the courage to step into the ditch and retrieve the broken jewellery box and indeed other items that lay hidden in the ooze. Bless him he was ankle deep, but undaunted he diligently sifted through the mud until there was nothing left to retrieve, assuring me that police regulation boots are guaranteed not to let in water, or anything else. Well thank goodness for that.

It was then raining quite hard, “I wonder I couldn’t have a lift home could I?” Bit cheeky but worth a try.
“Yes of course madam hop in, sit in the front now it’s only if you’ve done something wrong that you get to sit in the back.”
“No chance of the blue lights then?”
And sure enough as he dropped me off at Chez Pagan the lights were indeed flashing.

The Police often get bad press but PC Eversoyoung was very caring and aware that there was deep meaning in the items recovered and genuinely hoped they would be reunited with their owner and they give that person some solace.

In a time of deep distress for the victims of theft PC Eversoyoung restored ones faith. As for the perpetrators they are only concerned with monetary value and nothing for the values of sentiment, memory or love.

Sandra Pagan