Upham C.E Primary School


Our school was founded in 1814 by the National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the principles of the Established Church. Throughout the years it has continued to promote the Christian principles of Love for God and for our neighbours whilst providing the highest standards of education for its children, As a Voluntary Aided School we have close links with the Church of England and in particular with our Parish Church, the Blessed Mary of Upham in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Our historical Christian foundation is at the heart of our vision for our school.

The Christian values of love, care for others and a response to the needs of the world are part of the everyday ethos of our school. All members of our school, children, staff, parents and governors are encouraged to value and respect themselves and each other, the wider community and the environment.

As they grow in mind, body and spirit, our children have the confidence to be aspirational, independent and creative learners who enjoy their work and achieve in all aspects of their education in the caring, family community here.

Upham School aims to be welcoming and to provide a warm secure learning environment where each child can develop his or her self esteem; where expectations and attainment are high and work of quality is produced.

The governors, staff, parents and pupils work together to help the children give of their best.

Upham Street, Upham.
Tel: 01489 860355