What to wear and your pelvic floor


Did you know that what you choose to wear can impact your pelvic floor? Remember Tight Pants Syndrome, and the media frenzy covering the story of nerve damage caused by skinny jeans to a woman in 2015?

As well as pressure coming from internal body alignment, it can also come from our external environment. Inside our legs and pelvis are lots of squishy tubes. Tubes that stuff is designed to flow through. Any compression on these tubes can cause a back up, resulting in congestion and inflammation.

You’re a sealed unit, so you’re pretty much just pushing pressure around, which will inevitably come out as a leak somewhere. Unless you have a medical or sports reason to wear compression clothing, avoid skinny jeans, tight belts, shaping/compression pants and tights and any clothes that are too small.

I think I just gave you permission to wear elasticated waist-bands. And avoid heels. Gosh, I’m becoming a bore aren’t I? Wearing shoes with ANY amount of positive heel tips the body forwards. To stop yourself from falling over, you have to lean backwards at the waist. This tilts the pelvis, forces the low back into extension and puts the abdominal muscles under tension.

Any tilt of the pelvis creates tension across the pelvic floor and changes the load through the abdominal muscles, aggravating incontinence and abdominal muscle separation (diastasis recti). It’s not surprising really that as a shoe-wearing, non-squatting, sedentary, tight-clothes-wearing, stressed out nation, we have pelvic floor problems.

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Emma Wightman
Women’s Health Osteopath