Wilding the Landscape Ways to build a productive & biodiverse countryside


A programme of Farm Walks & Talks, BBQ and Panel Discussion. With guest speaker Isabella Tree, the acclaimed author of ‘Wilding’ chaired by BBC Radio 4’s John Humphrys on Saturday 10th August 2019: 3.45pm – evening
Manor Farm, home of Broughton Water Buffalo, Broughton, Nr Stockbridge, Hants.

We find ourselves in a state of Global Climate Emergency, with the natural world under threat from melting ice caps to the mass extinction of pollinating bees and insects, from global warming to rising sea levels. But still with millions of human mouths to feed, how can we reconcile the sometimes polar needs and demands of agriculture on the one hand, with the sustainable ecological solutions posed on the other? Can they indeed come together and work in unison to create a stable world for our future? How can agricultural conventions adapt to the emerging realisation that the old ways are unsustainable, and is re-wilding the answer – a workable solution to counteract the decades of chemical over-use, intensive mono-cultural farming and de-forestation?

Isabella Tree will open the discussion with an illustrated talk on the re-wilding project undertaken by her and her husband Charlie Burrell, at their home on the Knepp Estate in East Sussex, nearly twenty years ago. Now held as a leading light for conservation in the UK, their bold move to allow nature to take the reins has been hugely successful in reversing the cataclysmic decline in certain flora and fauna species once common in the British landscape. It is a hopeful story of the restoration of the land and its wildlife.

Joining Isabella on the stage will be two local farmers, Dagan James who farms water buffalo on ever-increasing ‘wilding’ principles, and Craig Livingstone, Farmers’ Weekly, Farmer of the Year 2018, who manages a neighbouring mixed farm. Also with them will be Alison Cross, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust Principal Farm Advisor.

Chairing the panel and bringing to the discussion his own experience as an organic farmer, is BBC Radio 4’s John Humphrys.

Tickets for the whole event including farm walks, BBQ, glass of wine/soft drink, talk: £25

For more information & ticket purchase inquiries please contact:
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