World Cinema in Winchester


Two of Winchester’s popular arts organisations are coming together to raise Winchester’s profile as a recognised centre for Film in Southern England. The new partnership comes into being on 6 November when Winchester Film Society and Winchester Film Festival showcase an evening of mind-boggling short films produced by dynamic young filmmakers from across the globe. The event will be hosted at the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium.

Winchester Film Society has a forty year track record in showcasing the best in World Cinema. In the last couple of years the venue for the Society has been the Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium. As a result of improvements to the quality of projection, sound systems and catering provision audience numbers have rocketed. The Society runs a programme of films between October and May that features films from every continent and covers all genres from horror to animation to leading edge social drama.

Winchester Film Festival runs between 3 – 10 November. The event offers the best new film making talent an opportunity to screen their creations. The event not only showcases
award-winning short films from over 50 countries but also includes feature films premiering in the UK. Alongside the Science Centre event on 6 November films can be viewed during the rest of the week at venues across the City. This is a unique opportunity to view films made by seasoned film professionals and newly emerging directorial talent alike.

If you are tired of the standard Hollywood fare of chick-flicks, Marvel heroes and back slapping Hollywood stars this joint event could rekindle your love of film. What’s on show here is a type of film that takes risks but doesn’t necessarily have happy endings or massive CGI effects. The films won’t originate from major US studios and be backed by multi-billion pound budgets.

Chances are they will have been produced on a shoestring just about anywhere else in the world. What you will get is radical storytellers taking on major social issues that you don’t see often at Chain Cinemas or on mainstream TV.

So World Cinema is beating a path to your doorstep in Winchester. It’s an experience of film that is participative. You will be encouraged to give your opinions, talk to and question filmmakers and chat to other film goers about issues raised in the films. Going out to watch film offers something you can’t get at home watching Netflix or Amazon Prime.

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